Why fix your computer when new computers are so cheap?

Computer prices seem to be going down all the time, but is that really a good thing? Whatever is causing those price to decrease, it provides end users with less incentive to repair their computers when they can buy a new one for just a little bit more. Low prices benefit mega computer corporations like HP and Dell at the expense of small computer repair entrepreneurs like us. If prices were more reasonable, consumers would be more inclined to use our services, putting money in our pockets and creating jobs for employees we would hire to handle the increased workload. Higher computer prices would be a boon to main street small businesses, enabling us to survive and thrive, rather than worrying about going out of business due to low prices. You can help by choosing to get your computer repaired instead of throwing it out. Fact is, you almost always save money if you get your computer repaired by a reputable small business.

You’ve probably heard the maxim: “A computer becomes obsolete almost as soon as you unpack it.” That may have been true in the nineties, but not today. Many 5-10 year old computers are perfectly good for average daily use, and all they need is a little tuneup, maybe some minor hardware upgrades, and you’re set. Consider this: when you buy new, you not only pay for the computer but often also for software upgrades and data transfer from your old computer. It still ends up being expensive.

Whenever you use the services of a small business like ours, you contribute to the health of the American economy and help create jobs in the USA. When someone chooses to buy new instead, they benefit Walmart, HP, Dell, and of course, they create jobs in China. You are the job creators. You create jobs by spending your money at your local small business. Which will you choose next time your computer has troubles? Create jobs in America? Or create jobs in China? Please choose wisely.