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About Us:
Computers L.T.D. is, first and foremost, a service company that also happens to build computers, not the other way around. This gives us a lot of latitude to provide a total service package to our warranty customers. We have served the North Georgia area with warranty service and computer repair since 1999.
With Computers L.T.D. computers, the warranty service is provided by our own technicians. It is "in house”. This allows us to utilize our technicians for both warranty and non warranty service in the same call. So we can offer a service on-the-spot (like backing up your hard drive data) or even provide it as a customer service if we choose to. All our machines come with 2 year onsite warranty service (you can purchase more time if you want) and we perform that service. Plus, if the warranty service requested ends up being software related, we can perform that service right then and there at your option.
With a Dell, Gateway or Compaq, you would have to start all over The warranty guy would leave and you would then need to hire a company like us anyway. This way it is all rolled into one service. Given these advantages, we can’t imagine why anyone would consider buying computers anywhere else. We don't make much money on them; they are really just a good customer service to provide them to you...
Computers L.T.D. is a Retailer of PC Software, Video Games, DVD Movies, Music CD's, computer related accessories and components, and electronics products. We have been in business since 1999 serving our local community. We've built our business by providing fast, reliable service, and an extensive selection of products at great prices.
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